Hourly rate

This is a professionally customized care service for those times when it is needed most, from 4 hours to 24 hours per day.  It can be scheduled round-the-clock based on an hourly rate.

Live–In Care

Live-In Care (flat rate 24/7) is cost-effective and allows for care around-the-clock but it is also able to allow the Caregiver to adequately sleep at night at least 8 hours.  Live-in Caregivers work 24/7 and provide the client with peace of mind knowing that someone is present and paid on a daily salary, not an hourly rate.  The live-in Caregiver assists with personal care, cooking, light housekeeping and shopping.

Live-in home care is a very popularcost-effective assisted living at home care program that is designed for those individuals who need more than eight hours of care daily, but where their 8-hour shifts are not needed.  Caregivers who live-in home care are a great alternative for senior care when a nursing home is not desired.  They are on-call 24 hours per day with a flat rate that provides the Client and family members’ valuable peace of mind, knowing that someone is present if assistance is needed.

Overnight with Sleep

A wonderful alternative to separate wake-up and tuck-in visits, this twelve-hour shift is for those who need assistance going to bed and getting up in the morning.  The Caregiver provides assistance once or twice throughout the night.  Overnight with Sleep home care has been a benefit to those individuals who are lonely or afraid at night or who simply need the reassurance of having someone available, if help is needed.

Customized Home Care Services

The caregiver is able to visit the client in the morning, assist with bathing, dressing and preparing breakfast. The caregiver then leaves around midday and comes back for evening visits to prepare dinner and help the client get ready for bed. Clients have an option to choose Morning Visits, Evening Visits or opt for both.

Most of our families request for shorter hours of services.  These different non-medical home care services are provided to suit their unique preferences.  In this case, we provide the services with slightly higher fees due to few hours requested. Home Care Angel’s services are customized to fit your needs.  At Homecare Angels our Caregivers are highly respected members of our team and we recognize the vital role our Caregivers play in the delivery of quality service from our caregiver agencies.

Services Homecare Angels are offering

  • Care for the elderly and disabled in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Care of post operative patients, and others who are unable to cope with personal care, domestic chores etc.
  • Morning set up call. Assist with washing, dressing, breakfast, bed making and medication supervision.
  • Bathing service
  • Home care angels has experienced caregivers who offers affordable, personalized, 24/7 homecare in the safety and security environment in your own home.
  • Our services range from 4 hours to 24 hours and, we can meet your every non-medical home care need.  While some Clients need in-home help 24 hours, around-the-clock, others need light assistance once or twice each week. The choice is yours.  We will find a Caregiver to match your requirements.

Who benefits from Home Care Angels?

  • Any Senior who wants to remain living independently in their own home, but could benefit from personal assistance, companionship and help with housekeeping.
  • Anyone regardless of age who needs assistance to remain living in their own home.
  • Any Family member who is providing services for their family members, while trying to continue a regular work schedule/or lifestyle.
  • Family members who live out of the area, we make it a point to have continuous communication with family members, as well as we keep a daily journal in each home, this allows Home Care Angels to see all the meals/activities and daily health conditions have been logged.
  • Seniors who are living in Assisted Facilities and Retirement homes that want to be provided with non-medical services.